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Monday, February 9, 2009

Dex Tracker

(left) dex tracker click to link
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Dex Tracker music projects Is currently in development, Some parts of this electronic music software package are cross platform like the ride tab editor. It shouldn't crash in linux but I could use some help to make it better. I enjoy mentoring people so post on the ad sharing board if you wish to help. Dex Tracker software is an entrapping psycho-acoustic software written in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas (near the citgo plant). The software is setup for Csound and other programs that have been taken political prisoner. it also is setup for few programming languages including free basic among other sound outputs and others can be added easily. The main requirements are python 2.5 and Wxpython. Pygame is also being used for some programs see the complete list of suggested extensions below

vst stuff available at a new place

Vst stuff

Hosted by eSnips

I am doing a distribution of cabel and the files required both for what I have on sourceforge and for cabel
except pywin isn't needed for the dex tracker download. Everything has been upgraded to work on python 2.5
I don't know if the cabel people were planning on a different fix in the mean time The Dex Tracker version
of cabel will work just fine. Here is a list of download sites for various pieces of python and csound.
Most of the routines are in I believe there is a way to convert them to c if you perfer
but I do not have the instructions yet.

required files

pywin32 needed for window version of cabel only


cabel could get updated but included
Some assembly required for linux

graphviz (from att research) I am looking into other graph and uml toolkits but I am using it for now. if you want graphics (i.e. boxes connected together) and hopefully runable links, check tracker menu and readme to see if it is supported in your version. p.c. version could be better and it appears that it is hard to get svg viewers, not sure if urls in the boxes works yet.
The following spreedsheets are not required but they are supported
scalc (open office from sun)
I would need help to support microsoft (or they would have to have a trial version)

Other graphic toolkits

fltk for python 2.5 is optional
esplot plotting by es plot

For questions and a place to share Dex Tracker Files go to

zizzula dsp forum

For online help

Dex Tracker Help